LED Emergency Lighting Buying Guide

How to Choose Suitable LED Lights For Emergency Lighting?

Whatever the requirements are for your lighting, our qualified led lighting fixtures will get you on the right path.

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When looking for the right luminaires for your location, our selection of affordable LED emergency lighting fixtures is the better solution. Designed for indoor or outdoor use in a variety of commercial and professional settings, such as factories, warehouses, shops, malls, gyms, and more, they can provide reliable backup lighting in an emergency.  That is to say, they can guide people out of the building in time under power outages, blackouts, fires, lightning strikes, etc.


Benefits | LED Emergency Lights

We take great pride in our good selection of LED emergency lights and stand by all our products.  Not only are these LED lighting fixtures listed as either DLC or ETL for very wet regions, but they will withstand all elements for a very long period of time. 

DLC Premium-Quick Payback

These led luminaires are listed as either DLC or ETL to accelerate the payback.

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5-10 Years Warranty

Lightide stands by the products we sell and back them with an excellent 5-10 years warranty. Less cost for future maintenance.

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Emergency Solution

Help people stay away from the building in time under power outages,  blackouts, fires, lightning strikes, etc.

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    Types | LED Emergency Lights

    When it comes to choosing an LED emergency luminary system, there are three types of lighting designs you may consider. These systems are called non-maintained, maintained, and combined LED emergency lights.

    Lightide UL924 Emergency white led high bay Light battery backup

    Maintained LED Emergency Lights

    A maintained emergency light is permanently on in both mains normal and during a power cut. These LED Emergency lights are designed for continuous normal use in non-emergency situations. 

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    Non-Maintained LED Emergency Lights

    A non-maintained LED emergency light will only illuminate in an emergency or mains power failure. This will be a dedicated emergency light and cannot be used for normal room lighting.

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    Combined LED Emergency Lights

    Combined LED emergency lights can be either Maintained or Non-Maintained. A fixture includes two light sources, one for everyday lighting and one only used for emergencies.

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    Style | LED Emergency Lights

    Our LED emergency lights are available in a variety of styles which are perfect for everything from small to large projects offering different lighting outputs to meet your requirements. All are made with maintained emergency lighting.

    Wall Mount

    Due to great flexibility with battery design, led outdoor Wall Pack lights battery backup can provide an emergency solution to the perimeter and security lighting applications. 

    Moreover, our outdoor led wall pack lights can handle wet weather and extreme climatic conditions. Therefore, it makes them a great choice for tough environments. 


    LED Wall Pack Battery Backup (WP01 Series)

     Emergency LED Exit Sign with Combo lights

    Emergency LED Exit Sign with Combo (ES Series)


    LED Canopy Lights Battery Backup (SGSAL Series)

    Recessed led canopy light battery backup

    Recessed LED Canopy Light Battery Backup (RCPA Series)

    Ceiling Canopy Lights

    Designed with vandal-proof and DLC premium, LED canopy emergency lighting fixtures are suitable for outdoor gas stations, parking lots, and indoor shop lighting. In addition, these canopy lighting fixtures with batteries can provide backup ceiling lighting in an emergency.

    Linear Style LED Highbay

    Designed for rough, damp, dusty, and tough conditions, these durable LED emergency lighting fixtures with shock-proof materials will fill any space with light while cutting your power bill down. 

    Lightide linear style LED high bays are vapor tight rated and capable of CCT and wattage tunable. This is an ideal choice for commercial, industrial, retail, or residential applications.

    Linear LED High Bay Battery Backup (TPA Series)

    Vapor Tight Rated (TPA Series)

    Linkable LED Shop Lights Battery Backup 20W-80W

    Linkable Style (TPL Series)

    Factory-Assembly UL924 High Bay Lights UFO LED Emergency Backup

    Factory Assembly (UBA-EM Series)

    Field-Assembly Battery Operated LED Lights | Remote High Bay Lighting

    Field Assembly (UBA-EMH Series)

    Circular LED Highbay

    Designed with die-casting aluminum case and a durable acrylic reflector. Our UFO high bay emergency lighting fixtures have high efficiency and output lumens, quality LED driver, and optimized cover for better light angle & luminescence. 

    There are factory assembly and field installation options based on your current projects. The new installation will consider factory assembly to save more labor costs. 

    Feature | LED Emergency Lights

    When you work for emergency lighting, there are certain features you’ll want to check to ensure you’re getting the best value.

    Lightide Test Button emergency UFO LED high bay lights

    Self Test/Self Diagnostics

    • The Guardian circuit continuously monitors the operating condition of the AC power, battery supply voltage, emergency lamp continuity, and charging circuit.
    • Option for Self Test/Self Diagnostics is available to suit your specific needs.
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    Lightide CREE LED & Meanwell led high bay light fixture

    Quality Assure

    • Constructed of industrial-grade heavy-duty rugged die-casting aluminum housing with excellent heat dissipation.
    • U.L. Listed and meets UL 924, N.F.P.A. 101 and DoE
    • Overload and Short-Circuit Protection.
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    Lightide Intelligent emergency UFO LED high bay lights-_recessed light

    Maintained Emergency

    • All the luminaires are integrated with intelligent detection systems. They can operate in maintained emergency lighting mode, fully automatic operation, and switch to emergency mode when power outages.
    • Wide 100-277 VAC operation.
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    Get A Professional Lighting Assessment 

    When you are in the market for emergency lighting, you will discover so many options to choose from.  Unfortunately, if you can’t find exactly what you need, it can become a little overwhelming to choose the right LED emergency lights. 

    Here we are set up to help you filter your searches to your specific choices quickly and easily.  You can find the spec and the level of strength fit for your lighting output.  

    Contact us for more detail.

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