LED Lights With Battery Pack

UL924 | CE | CEC Title 20

LED emergency lights with battery pack can provide reliable backup lighting in the case of power failure. In addition, these emergency lights can work at a wide voltage range from 100 to 277vac. Of course, 347vac also is available now. 

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LED Emergency Lights With Battery Pack

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Lightide Factory Assembly emergency UFO LED high bay lights

Factory Assembly

No need for additional wire work to save more labor costs.

Lightide On-site Assembly emergency UFO LED high bay lights

Field Assembly

Need on-site wire work as per the manual between the fixture and battery.


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Great emergency led high bay products, takes 24 hours to charge up the battery the first time around. LED lighting is great for my shop.

paulPaul , Canada
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Reliable Backup Lighting

LED emergency lights offer excellent output efficiency for general illumination.  Likewise,  they also can provide reliable backup lighting when power is lost. Moreover, the emergency battery backup can provide runtime from 90 to 180 minutes in an emergency.

LED emergency power outage
Lightide Intelligent emergency UFO LED high bay lights-_recessed light

Intelligent Battery

Commercial emergency battery backup is built with intelligent detection functions. So the led emergency lighting fixtures can switch to emergency mode automatically when power is off.  In addition, they also feature overcharge, over-discharge, and short-circuit protection. 

Commercial & Outdoor

Emergency LED Lights Battery Pack Guide

We have covered surface and recessed models for a clean look that still offers the safety you need! With their automatic operation, you never need to worry about the safety of customers or employees in terms of proper lighting in an emergency.

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Rugged Construction

Commercial emergency lights are made with rugged construction. For instance, tempered polycarbonate lenses and die-casting housings. This way they can work to last for a long time in a harsh environment.

Lightide linear Emergency led high bay_garage lights for power outages

Multi-Style Options

There are several kinds of led lights with battery backup for your options. For example, led high bay emergency lights, vapor-tight led light, led wall pack battery backup, and led canopy lights emergency backup, etc. 

Mount Options

There are different mounting modes for choices. For example, wall-mounted, recessed, and ceiling mounted. Most importantly, these universal mounting modes allow for effortless installation. In sum, these battery-powered led emergency lights fit for outdoor parking lots, offices, stores, gymnasiums, plants and etc.

Lightide recessed CREE led gas station canopy lights

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