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LMC online led solution news offers product information and led lighting tips. And it also includes advice on how to improve your environment through the led solution. Whether it’s in your office, warehouse, plant, stores, parking garage, or on the road.

outdoor & commercial led solution news
1211, 2020
  • ergency-battery backup-led-high-bay-light-

Power Failure Emergency Light LED Battery-5 Key Features

The 5 Features of Commercial LED Power Failure Emergency Lights How to light up a room without electricity? LED power failure emergency lights will come on when the power goes out. And these emergency light fixtures also can guide people out of places. [...]

311, 2020
  • Lightide-outdoor-led-barn-light_security-light_flood-lights-S1

Exterior Barn Lights 35W LED for Wall Security Lighting Project

Lightide exterior LED barn light fixtures offer an energy-efficient and color accurate system. And they are perfect for commercial security lighting. For example, retail, hospitality, museums, and restaurants. Installed in bordering of building, LED barn lights can brighten the outdoor walkway to help people show safer and more hospitable. [...]

109, 2020
  • Lightide DLC-CE Emergency led high bay light battery backup 60W-240W

High Bay LED Emergency Lighting Fixture Process

High Bay LED Emergency Lighting Fixture Process Overview The emergency lighting fixture provides an added level of safety. Likewise, halogen emergency lights may not provide enough safety. Lightide led high bay light is built with a UL924 listed battery. That is to say, high bay LED light [...]

1006, 2020
  • Lightide CREE Outdoor LED Football Stadium Flood Light Fixtures 300W-1500W

Stadium Floodlights Outdoor Sport Lighting CREE 400W-1500W

CREE LED Stadium Floodlights Are Being Released with 5 Years Warranty Overview  LED stadium floodlights are ideal for outdoor sport lighting. With IP rating IP66, there are models available to withstand even severe weather conditions. The HPSF series also presents different mounting options for exterior locations, with [...]

604, 2020
  • linear-vapor-tight-_parking-garage-high-bay-lights

Vapor Tight Led Lights for Underground Parking Garage

LMC's commercial 4ft linear vapor-tight rated led light features preventing moisture and dirt from compromising the housing and damaging interior wires and components. This led linear high bay light is manufactured of impact-resistant plastic resins that are designed to keep moisture, dirt and dust out. It emits vibrant 5700 [...]

1003, 2020
  • ETL_CETL-300-1000W-LED-Flood-Lights

1000W Stadium Lights for Shenzhen Arena & Stadium

LMC LED 1000W stadium Lights provide energy-saving lighting to improve the function and safety of your space. Whether you are lighting a parking lot, driveway, building, stadium or any other outdoor flood lighting application, you can trust the longevity and efficiency of LMC' LED Outdoor Flood Lights Luminaires. [...]

1802, 2020
  • Emergency UFO LED High Bay Light Battery Backup

 LED High Bay With Battery Backup UL924 Emergency

Lightide released LED High Bay With Battery Backup for Emergency Lighting Overview UL 924 is UL's Standard for Safety of Emergency Lighting and Power Equipment. UL tests and certifies exit signs, emergency lights, and combo emergency exit signs to meet functionality, reliability, and visibility standards. Lightide recently [...]

1501, 2020
  • 170 LPW UFO LED High Bay Lights

LED High Bay Lighting Fixtures UFO Profile 170 LPW

170 lm/w of UFO high bay led lights replacing up to 600~1000W metal halide. Overview The UFO led high bay lighting fixtures are a one-for-one replacement for metal halide fixtures in high ceiling locations. It delivers high light efficacy 170 LPW, industry-leading efficiency, reducing energy use by [...]

3107, 2019
  • DLC-QPL-led-garage-&-canopy-light

Lightide released Emergency LED Canopy Lights

Emergency LED Canopy Lights w/ Backup Battery 90~180 minutes Overview If you’re tired of scrabbling around in the semi-darkness of the shadows of your current garage or canopy lighting, […]

2906, 2019
  • emergency-battery-led-garage-canopy-lights

Emergency Backup LED Lighting Fixture Guide

How to Choose Suitable Emergency Battery for LED Lighting Products?  Overview  Life safety in buildings includes more than safety from fire. Although fire safety has been the long standing focus of NFPA 101, its widely know title, Life Safety Code, and its technical requirements respond to a [...]



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