LED Outdoor Lighting Fixture

Lightide provides several different styles of outdoor LED lighting fixtures to satisfy your requirements. Moreover, all the fixtures feature a high-duty & die-casting aluminum case. Importantly, these outdoor LED lights assure corrosion resistance with long-lasting aesthetics. After that, we have developed wall packspost top lights, ceiling canopy ledfloodlights, sports lighting, and parking lot lights. In addition, the excellent optical design delivers maximum light control for the parking lot, driveway, security lighting, or outdoor storage facility. 

Well, if you want to light your parking lot, walkway, porch, or garden, then we have some of the best outdoor led lights in the market. They range from wall lights, street lights, parking lot lights, path lights, and many more. All come with a pocket-friendly price.

Take led wall pack Light as an example. It lights your road or parking lot at night whether it’s raining or not. Moreover, it comes with a UL924 of battery for backup lighting. This is to say, it can provide 90~180 minutes of duration an emergency for awesome safety lighting. 




All the outdoor led lighting fixtures meet the appropriate certifications and offer a 5-10 years warranty. Moreover, you will also get excellent after-sales service.

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