LED parking lot light is generally used to provide illumination to areas for vehicle and pedestrian use. With the most security lighting attribute, these area light fixtures generally are mounted on the poles or walls. Moreover, the led parking lot light performs the function its name describes, for example, lighting streets, outdoor parking areas, sidewalks, and other outdoor areas.

Mounting Adapters

Firstly, LED parking lot lights comes with either an extension mounting arm or slip fitter mounting adapters. Of course, the slip fitter adapter will provide you with more flexibility and control over installation and light distribution. On the other hand, other mounting adapters are available including extension mounting arms, trunnion, or yoke brackets.

Lightide DLC QPL outdoor led shoebox parking lot pole area lights


Secondly, you can install your LED parking lot light with a motion sensor to detect people moving. And you also may install a photocell for dusk to dawn illumination to save more energy costs.

Quality Assure

Finally, with 5-10 years of long-term warranty and top-rated material,  we are providing internationally certified led parking lot light products to you. Call us for more details today.

Lightide quality assure DLC QPL led Post Top Light_street light PTB50

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