LED Outdoor Security Lights | Flood Lights

LED Outdoor Security Lights work by providing an abundance of light, either throughout all nighttime hours or upon detecting motion. In addition, these led outdoor fixtures are primarily used to protect buildings from unwanted entry at night. Meanwhile, Lightide provides a variety of outside security floodlights with motion or photocell sensors. Most importantly, these floodlights feature weatherproof IP65 rated designs and finishes capable of withstanding elements such as humidity, rain, and snow.

Outside security lights can spread light beyond the boundaries of other, more focused lights. And these multi-purpose led floodlights will add splashes of light for large areas of external lighting. In addition, they usually are mounted on the wall, pole, ceiling, and ground.  For example, wall-mounted wall pack lights, floodlights, ceiling mounted led canopy lights, and pole-mounted parking lot light so on.

In conclusion, Lightide mfg. can offer you the best outdoor LED area light fixtures for all kinds of commercial lighting, especially floodlights. Firstly, we can do so brighten up your building and stadium now with the unique design of LED lights. Secondly, with our low price guarantees, 5 years long-term warranty, and top-rated material, such as CREE chip and Meanwell driver, we are providing internationally certified products to you. Call us for more details today.