Outdoor Lamp Post Lights | LED Post Top 

Outdoor lamp post lights LED offer a contemporary and elegant look making it a great addition to applications where high efficiency, lumen output, and design are essential. These outdoor led post top light fixtures are great for both security and decorative post top lighting for commercial applications. This way it’s a great way to execute deck and patio lighting, illuminate a garden, entryways, walkways, pathways or fulfill all of your outdoor lighting ideas. Designed to look like the classic metal halide street lamp post lights, this powerful LED technology is designed for modern outdoor post lights to use as an efficient solution for your area lighting needs.

LED Post top lights provide some excellent benefits for walkways or pathways requiring illumination.  Therefore, some led post top fixtures are generally used to provide illumination to areas for pedestrian and vehicle use and safety, with the most frequent attribute being that the light fixtures are mounted vertically to poles. 

Lightide not only offers standard voltage options of 100V-277V (standard) but also high voltage options of 250V-480V (optional).  Moreover, these LED Post Top lights are available with at least a 4kVA surge protection. This way it keeps your post lights safe in a rugged environment.

Finally, you also may select a photocell for dusk to dawn for your project. It can work on at sunrise and off at sunset. So it can save more electrical costs. On the other hand, this option to have an automatic off and on can also help to reduce the maintenance cost and improve the lifetime of the fixture. 




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