LED garage lights are DLC qualified and designed for indoor and outdoor areas, such as parking garages, warehouses, and gas stations. Meanwhile, Lightide LED garage light fixtures are surface mount or suspended overhead ceiling lights, which are ideal for task and general ambient lighting.  Most importantly, vandal-proof and IP65-rated LED outdoor garage lights provide bright, direct lighting while improving safety and security for gas station canopy. In addition, UL924 emergency battery backups 90~180 minutes of work time, which is available for exterior garage lights. 

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Really like these fixtures. Not only did they’re installed go well. In conclusion, they made me really appreciate how great the fixtures really are.

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Power & CCT Selectable

Field-adjustable led garage light features selectable wattage and CCT. Therefore, this flexible choice capability may reduce stocking inventory by 88%. This is an ideal choice for a variety of applications, such as retail stores, offices, gymnasiums, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities.

Low Profile – TPA Series
Wide Angle – VTA Series
Lightide 6in1 power & CCT change linear led garage lights
Lightide vandal proof led garage canopy lights Rugged

Vandal Resistance

Our LED canopy lighting fixtures are made of die-casting aluminum alloy case and shatter-proof plastic cover. In addition, these canopy lighting fixtures also feature rust-proof and corrosion-proof ratings. Therefore, it is an idea to improve safety and security for warehouse, garage, and gas station lighting.

Emergency Backup

Not only can our LED canopy lights provide commercial lighting, but they can offer reliable backup lighting in an emergency.  Therefore, these LED emergency canopy lighting fixtures can guide people out of the building in times when power outages. 

Vandal Proof Style
Vapor Tight Style
Lightide DLC-CE Emergency led garage light_ gas station canopy light battery backup 40W-120W


CEC (CA title-20) Compliance.


High Efficiency


Integrated self-diagnostic circuitry.


Automatical Detection

DLC qualified products for quick payback

Not only are indoor LED surface mount canopy lights listed as either DLC or ETL for very wet locations, but they will use the premium chips to withstand all elements for a very long period of time.  Besides this, we also stand by the products we sell and back them with an excellent 5-10 years warranty. We absolutely guarantee we only sell the highest quality products anywhere. 

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How To Choose Suitable LED Garage Lights?

Whatever the requirements are for your canopy lighting, we will get you on the right path.  If you have questions, please contact us.

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Outdoor Usage

Rust-proof and corrosion-proof ratings. 

CCT & Power Tunable

Ideal choice for a variety of applications.

Emergency Backup

Guide people out of the building in an emergency.

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