LED Architectural Lighting  

LED architectural lighting fixtures come in a wide variety of indoor & outdoor styles, including flood light, strip light, and linear led lights. More importantly, all the products have UL and CE certificates. And they usually are suitable for building, hotel, airport, and landscape environments.


Architectural lighting fixtures are primarily used to illuminate buildings at night. In addition, these lights increase awareness of intruders or trespassers, deter them from further action, and provide a clearer view of their faces or vehicles for security cameras or law enforcement reports.

Firstly, it must be aesthetically pleasing to the homeowners. Secondly, it must help the residents safely navigate the landscape and the perimeter of the home, and allow them to identify obstructions and potential hazards, such as a change in elevation. Thirdly, it must provide security by discouraging trespassers.

For example, LED floodlights are an excellent way to light large indoor or outdoor areas. Because they use less energy than their halogen counterparts and are capable of greater luminosity. LED floodlights are one of the effective and efficient architectural lighting solutions.

LED wall pack lights offer in a variety of shapes and finishes. In addition, this type of wall pack lighting focuses on powerful illumination coupled with an appealing appearance. So these are ideal for locations looking for ample light while keeping with the pleasing deco of the exterior.