Project Description

  • 300w-led-flood-light-for-stadium-&-sport--lighting
  • 360w-led-flood-light-for-stadium-lighting
  • rotatable-360w-LED-Tunnel-flood--Light-
  • Lightide rotatable style led stadium flood lights 120-1500 watts

Outside LED Flood Lights Rotatable For Stadium Lighting

(LT-FLAD series)

Outside LED Flood Lights feature adjustable-direction module design with high-performance 160 LPW output for outdoor architectural lighting. In addition, brand SMD LED and Meanwell driver provides 10 years limited warranty. Moreover, many beam angles of optical designs deliver maximum beam control for tunnel, square, road lighting, warehouse, building, and hotel lighting, etc.

  • Excellent Performance – Up to 160 lumens per watt.
  • Rotatable Modules – Module can be rotatable from -45~45 degree adjustable.
  • Energy Efficiency – In extreme contrast to conventional metal-halides, these stadium flood lights can bring in 80% of energy savings.
  • Long Lifetime – At 8 hours daily use, led stadium flood lights are rated to last 17 years.
  • 10-year Limited Warranty 
  • Listings– ETL/cETL, CE & RoHS, IP66 rated.

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Features & Benefits

Lighting square, football fields, or stadiums is an experience that continues to get better with time. When these outdoor led flood light fixtures are installed, we need some flood lights directed to the players. This helps people to play well and the audiences are able to see clearly. So choosing a suitable exterior football or stadium flood lights might be a challenge for you. If you are planning to purchase some stadium lighting fixtures in your projects, here there are some choices that will ensure you pick the best commercial outdoor flood lights.

Outdoor LED Flood Lights Order Information

Sample:  LT-FLCD-1200W-HV-50K-PC-90D

LT- FL C D -1000W -HV -50K -PC -90D
                20D=20o, 40D=40o , 60D=60o, 90D=90o, ST=140° X100o
Accessory: MS=Motion Sensor, PC=Photocell, DM=1-10VDC, SPD=10KV Surge Protection Device
CCT: 30K=3000K, 40K=4000K, 50K=5000K, 57K=5700K
Voltage: HV=200-480VAC, Blanket=100-277vac
Power: 120W, 240W, 360W, 480W, 720W, 960W, 1200W, 1500W
D: directional 
Type Code: A, B, C, D
Flood Light


Outdoor LED Flood Lights Datasheet

Model# Input Voltage Rating Power Lumen Efficacy CCT Option Beam Angle Surge Protection
LT-FLCD-120W 100-277vac 120W 160 LPW 2700-6500K 20/40/60/90/140X100 10KV
LT-FLCD-240W 100-277vac 240w 160 LPW 2700-6500K 20/40/60/90/140X100 10KV
LT-FLCD-360W 100-277vac 360w 160 LPW 2700-6500K 20/40/60/90/140X100 10KV
LT-FLCD-480W 100-277vac 480w 160 LPW 2700-6500K 20/40/60/90/140X100 10KV
LT-FLCD-600W 100-277vac 600w 160 LPW 2700-6500K 20/40/60/90/140X100 10KV
LT-FLCD-720W 100-277vac 720W 160 LPW 2700-6500K 20/40/60/90/140X100 10KV
LT-FLCD-960W 100-277vac 960w 160 LPW 2700-6500K 20/40/60/90/140X100 10KV
LT-FLCD-1200W 100-277vac 1200w 160 LPW 2700-6500K 20/40/60/90/140X100 10KV
LT-FLCD-1500W 100-277vac 1500w 160 LPW 2700-6500K 20/40/60/90/140X100 10KV


Outdoor LED Flood Lights Standards

Description Certificate
Certificate ETL/cETL, CE & RoHS
EMC/FCC/IC Standard EN55015, EN61547, EN61000-3-2/3, FCC part 15, ICES-005
Safety Stanard UL1598, CAN/CSA -C.22.2 NO. 250.0, EN61347-1, EN61347-2-13, EN60598-2-1, EN60598-1
NO. Description Document Version Date
1 Lightide Outdoor LED Flood Light Fixture Datasheet
B 2018-02
2 Lightide Outdoor LED Flood Light Fixture Sales Sheet
A 2018-08

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