Outdoor LED Garage Lights Buying Guide

How to Choose Suitable Outdoor LED Garage Lights?

When looking for the right lighting for your location, our selection of affordable outdoor LED garage lights is the perfect solution.

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Designed for outdoor use in a variety of commercial and professional settings, such as parking lots, gas stations, petrol, etc, these DLC qualified LED garage canopy lights offer high performance in all sorts of weather, so you don’t have to worry about constantly replacing fixtures. While garage lighting is designed to be durable to withstand the elements, the added benefit of the exceptional efficiency and lumen out of LED makes this an even better investment for your business.

Benefits of Outdoor Garage Lights

Not only are our outdoor garage lights of DLC qualified or ETL listed, but you will have the very best overhead lighting for your parking facilities, walkways, and gas stations. You will be quite amazed how small these lights will cost and the installation couldn’t be easier.

DLC Premium-Quick Payback

These led garage canopy lights are listed as either DLC or ETL to accelerate the payback.

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5-10 Years Warranty

Lightide stands by the products we sell and back them with an excellent 5-10 years warranty. Less cost for future maintenance.

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Emergency Solution

Guide people out of the garage or gas station in time under power outages,  blackouts, fires, lightning strikes, etc.

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Type of LED Garage Lights

When it comes to outdoor garage lighting, you have plenty of options for lighting your space. Whether you want to install fixtures that use traditional electrical power, battery power, or solar power, you’re sure to find the ideal lighting fixtures to suit your plans.

Surface Mount

These LED garage lights are surface mount or conduit mount overhead ceiling lights for commercial lighting. Envoy offers solutions addressing primary, and egress lighting needs for installations where maintenance, performance, and longevity are required.

Shatter-proof PC cover to help spread the light over a large area and to provide impressive impact resistance. They are also made for vandal-proof aluminum cases or shatter-proof cases.

For your information, these outdoor canopy lights are perfect for gas stations, parking garages, and entrances for illuminating buildings to give you the highest level of safety and security for your customers and other pedestrians.











outdoor led ceiling-lights-canopy


Recessed Mount

One of the most affordable ways to upgrade your garage or gas station lighting to LED is to purchase our LED garage canopy light retrofit kits. They are also made for simple installation with no large canopy cutouts required. Therefore, these led gas station lights widely are used for installations, where maintenance, performance, and longevity are required. 

Suspended Mount

There are also suspended mount options with string accessories to get fast installation. These pendant lighting solutions are used in commercial applications like car washes, loading areas, warehouses, and parking lots.




LT-VTA440/450CP(T) G2






DLC Premium LED Canopy Lights Emergency Backup


LED Parking Garage Lights Emergency Backup


LED Tri-proof Lights Emergency Backup


Recessed LED Canopy Lights Emergency Backup

Emergency Backup

Emergency lighting has one basic purpose and that is to get people out of your building in a timely manner in case of power outages.

We also offer LED garage lighting fixtures with a UL924 listed battery backup. These led garage emergency lights are used to provide backup lighting in the event of a power disruption. They enhance the safety and security of a building by illuminating rooms in an emergency.

Feature of Outdoor Garage Lights

When you shop for outdoor garage lighting, there are certain features you’ll want to check to ensure you’re getting the best value.


Vandal Proof

High-duty die-casting aluminum alloy case. Shatter-proof polycarbonate diffuser.

Lightide vandal proof led garage canopy lights Rugged


High Efficacy

LM80 approved led chip output 120~150 lumens per watt.  

Lightide high efficacy recessed led canopy gas station lights


IP65 Rated

For the wet and damp locations, especially for the fuel pump, parking garage.

Lightide waterproof IP65 led canopy gas station lights


Power & CCT Selectable

This flexible choice capability allows for a cost-effective method to reduce stocking inventory by 88% (1 SKU instead of 9).

Lightde power & CCT adjustable led garage lights-shop lights

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    There is a huge selection of products to choose from with a wide range of power consumption. Our best-LED garage lights are available in a variety of styles which are perfect for everything from small to large projects offering different lighting outputs to meet your requirements.

    We stand by the products we sell and back them with an excellent 5-year limited warranty. We absolutely guarantee we only sell the highest quality products anywhere.