New Design UFO high bay led lighting Fixtures

170 LPW  |  IP66 Rated |  10-Year Warranty


The UFO led high bay lighting fixtures are a one-for-one replacement for metal halide fixtures in high ceiling locations. It delivers high light efficacy 170 LPW, industry-leading efficiency, reducing energy use by up to 85%.

With this LED upgrade, you will benefit from……

  • Energy Efficiency – Replacing up to 1000W MH by 200W LED UFO high bay. In extreme contrast to conventional metal-halides, led high bay lights can bring in 88% of energy savings.
  • Long Lifetime – L70>56,000 hrs.  At 8 hours daily use, Lightide’ UFO high bay led lighting fixture are rated to last 17 years.
  • Durable Constructure – Constructed of industrial grade heavy-duty rugged die-casting aluminum housing with excellent heat-dissipation.
  • Easy-Installation – Chain Pendant,  conduit mount
  • 10-year Limited Warranty 
  • Certificates -ETL/cETL, CE/RoHs, CB/SAA, IP66 Rated.
170 LPW UFO LED High Bay Lights
Lightide CREE LED & Meanwell led high bay light fixture

High Quality LED High Bay Lighting Fixtures

This high bay LED ceiling lights are designed and manufactured with high-quality material and state of the art technology, which is under the guidance of skilled professionals.  High Bay LED Lights are made of the highest efficacy chips from Philips. And the led driver is made by Taiwan Meanwell. This means the fixture can keep 10 years at least lifespan.

Energy Efficient UFO LED High Bay Light

1.  How to choose LED high bay lighting Fixture?

Compared with non-LED fixtures such as a metal halide high bay, LED high bay consume less energy. This helps reduce energy costs while still maintaining illumination when an industrial space is not being used.

NO. UFO  Highbay Equivalent Metal Halide LED Saving Max.

ufo led high bay lighting  fixture 170 LPW

MH lamp for wall packs

1 100 watts   250~400 watts -300 watts
2 150 watts   400~600 watts -450 watts
3 200 watts   600~1000 watts -800 watts


2. 100W LED high bay lighting comparison with 400W MH lamp

Note: 1. Up to 85% in energy savings alone, before cost of maintenance for metal halide fixtures.
            2. Up to 76% annual savings possible by switching to LED.

NO. Item LED Metal Halide LED Saving

SMD led 3030 for led WALL PACK

MH lamp for wall packs

1 Dissipation Power 100 watts 400 watts -300 watts
2 Amp Draw @ 120V AC 0.83 amps 3.28 amps

(excludes ballast factor)

-2.94 amps
3 Lamp Life Expectancy 56, 000 hrs 20,000 hrs +30,000 hrs
4 Operation cost per year – each
(12hs/day @ 12c/kWh)
$52.56/yr $210.24/yr $157.68/yr
5 Operation cost per year -100 fixtures
(12hs/day @ 12c/kWh)
$5256/yr $ 21024/yr $15768 /yr


3. Recommended Ceiling height for high bay lighting

ceiling height calculating for LED high bay lighting fixture

Long-term Warranty

The led highbay is rated at 56,000 hours (at L70) and backed by a 10-year warranty, resulting in years of uninterrupted, highly efficient light. The led fixture is guaranteed for any defect in materials and workmanship. On the other hand, Lightide also covers most damage and shipping costs for replacements. Contact us for any quality issues.

lightide outdoor led light fixtures website warranty-1
commerical grade

Cutting-edge Optics Design

Designed with cutting-edge optics and a durable acrylic reflector. Lightide has increased efficiency and output lumens with

  • Non-UV.  
  • Light transmittance above 94%.
  • 60º, 90º and 110º beam angle are options. 


The highbay ceiling lights facilities benefit from long lasting, low maintenance lighting. Here are some common markets and applications as below.

  • Warehouse and storage
  • Industrial facilities
  • Sports facilities and gyms
  • Retail centers
  • Manufacturing floors

Contact Us

Lightide Manufactory Co. Ltd  manufactures and develop LED commercial lighting products. On the basis of nearly 10 years of experience in LED lighting production, Lightide has designed and manufactured several dozens of models, led flood light, led garage light, led wall pack lights, led canopy light, led high bay light, led post top and led parking lot light, etc. Having professional and strong design, production, quality control and service teams, our products passed cULus, ETL, DLC, FCC, SAA, GS, CE and RoHS certificates.


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