The 5 Features of Commercial LED Power Failure Emergency Light

UL924 | Intelligent | Energy Saving |  Durable Construction | Long-term Warranty 

How to light up a room without electricity?

LED power failure emergency lights will come on when the power goes out. And these emergency light fixtures also can guide people out of places. Lightide produces some ranges of LED emergency lights. For example, outdoor, indoor, ceiling-mounted, or recessed emergency lights. Therefore, at Lightide, there always is one kind of emergency light matching your requirement.

Here shows 5 key features of LED power failure emergency lights

Lightide Emergency led high bay lights battery backup 100W-240W
Lightide UL924 & DOE_CEC TITLE20 Emergency led high bay Light battery backup

1. UL924

Commercial led emergency lights must keep at least 90-minutes of lighting. However, different states, provinces, counties, and cities will have their own emergency guidelines. Currently, the UL lab sets a 90-minute benchmark as an all-encompassing requirement.

For example, our led emergency lights with battery backup can offer 90~180 minutes. This is to say, these led lights can provide a pretty safe allowance for adequate evacuation times. 

2. Intelligent Emergency Light Battery Backup

Firstly, an intelligent emergency detection function is built-in. That is to say, emergency high bay lights can switch to emergency mode automatically when power is off. 

Secondly, they are built with overcharge, over-discharge, and short-circuit protection.

Finally, the push button is coming with an indicator lamp. Therefore, it can check the battery how to perform.

Lightide Intelligent emergency UFO LED high bay lights-_recessed light
Lightide linear Emergency led high bay_garage lights for power outages

3. LED Power Failure Emergency Light Saving Energy 80% Above

Energy savings is a primary evaluation. This is why you need to install emergency lights for facilities. For example, general wattages for UFO LED high bay range from 100 to 240 watts. If we compare these wattages to metal halide, the same range is from 400 to 1000 watts. In other words, these battery-operated emergency led lights can save 80% of energy costs.

4.  Durable Construction 

These emergency lights are made of heavy-duty casting aluminum housing. In addition, they consist of high-quality SMD 3030-LEDs and LED drivers. Therefore, battery-operated led lights may ensure more than 50,000-hour of continuous use. That is to say, they can work over 17 years at 8 hrs/day.

Moreover, IP65 rated emergency lights fit for indoor or outdoor wet locations. 

Battery Backup led wall pack Emergency Light
Lightide DLC-CE UFO led high bay light battery backup 60W-240W

5. Long-Term Warranty

  • Hassle-free 5-year Warranty – 50000 hours lifetime. That is to say, 10 times longer than traditional MH lamp.
  • Easy and fast replacement is offered if any quality issues.

If you want more information, a quote, or a formal invoice, please Email sales staff today.  

LED Power Failure Emergency Light


In sum, led power failure emergency lights benefit from long-lasting and low maintenance. And they usually are used for the below applications. For example,

  • Warehouse 
  • Industrial facilities.
  • Shop
  • Sports facilities and gyms.
  • Retail centers
  • Manufacturing floors.


About Lightide

Based on over 10 years of experience, Lightide has produced several ranges of outdoor & commercial led lights. For example, led floodlight, wallpack, canopy light, high bay, post top, and parking lot light, etc. Most importantly, all the products passed cULus, DLC, SAA, CE, and RoHS certificates.

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