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How to Choose Suitable LED Parking Lot Light?

When looking for the right LED light for your parking lots, our selection of outdoor LED parking lot lights is the perfect solution.

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Are you considering installing some LED Parking Lot Lights?  It’s a worthwhile investment, with big energy savings, and better light for starters. Along with this, these lights are capable to provide the best illumination in the surrounding. Moreover, they are easy installation and safe to use. Compared to other typical area lights, they are brighter and come with a longer lifespan.  

There are various LED lights available with different wattages, mounts adapters, features, etc, and choosing one from them is a daunting task. To make it easy for you, we have created this guide.


Benefits of LED Parking Lot Light

DLC Qualified
dlc qualified

Quick Payback

5-Year Warranty

Less cost for future maintenance

Easy Installation
easy installation for led wall packs

Labor Cost Saving

CCT Tunable
Lightide DLC Post top led street lights

Saving inventory by 88%

Type of LED Parking Lot Light

Post Top Lights

LED post top lighting is a term to describe the outdoor lighting that is commonly mounted on poles and located in roadways, pathways, parking lots, and commercial and educational campuses.

Power & CCT Selectable choice capability can be available for the PTB series to help you reduce stocking inventory by 88% (1 SKU instead of 9).

CCT & Power Tunable LED Post Top Lights | Outdoor Street Lighting

LT-PTB Series

CCT & Power Tunable

Outdoor LED Post Street Lights Mushroom Style PTA50S

LT-PTA Series

Mushroom Style

Flood Lights LED Parking Lot Light 80W~300W

SPLB Series

Slim Style

G3 LED Parking Lot Lights | Area Lights

SBAL Series

25-600 watts for options

Shoebox Lights

Led parking lot lights can get high efficacy of 140 lumens per watt as alternatives to metal halide area lights and street lights. Moreover, commercial LED pole light fixtures feature Type III, Type IV, and Type V distribution that lights up the area

Wall Mount

LED Wall Mount parking lights provide a high-efficient 140 LPW to the parking lot and security lighting for commercial and residential applications.

Besides this, CCT & Tunable styles can be chosen for your options. This flexible choice capability allows for a cost-effective method to reduce stocking inventory by 88% (1 SKU instead of 9).

Parking Lot LED Lights Outdoor Wall Mounted Floodlights

LT-SBAL Series

50W/100W/150W/200W/300W/400W/500W |Wall Mount Adapter

LED Outdoor Wall Mount Parking Lot Lights

LT-SPLB Series

75W/100W/150W/200W/240W/300W | Wall Mount Adapter

Parking Lot LED Lights Outdoor Wall Mounted Floodlights

LT-WP01 Series

40W/60W/90W/120W | LED Wall Packs

LED Outdoor Wall Pack Lights (Gen 2) Quarter-Sphere | CCT & Power Tunable | Dusk-Dawn

LT-WPCQ Series

40W/60W/80W/100W | LED Wall Packs

How to Choose LED Parking Lot Light

Buying Guide

We help you save more time and costs.

Choose LED Wattages

40~60 watts


up to 8,400 lm

80~120 watts


16,800 lm

150~160 watts


up to 22,400 lm

200~300 watts


up to 46,560 lm

Choose CCT Options


Warm White

Great for all areas of house and restaurants. 


Cool White

Suitable for business or other areas of work. 



 Best for large spaces and outdoors.

Choose Your Options

Input Voltage

Standard Voltage

High Voltage

Control Mode

Compatible with Lutron 1-10vdc dimmer and other dimmers. 

Switching on dusk and off at dawn automatically saves more costs.

Switch on the fixture when motion is detected.

Provide an backup lighting solution to the perimeter and security applications


Beam Angle

How to Choose Siutable Beam Angle?

The prerequisite of the best outdoor area & site lighting needs to consider the distribution types and patterns imposed by IESNA.

View the guide

How to Maximize Energy Efficiency?

Agencies meet these efficiency requirements in all procurement and acquisition actions that are not specifically exempted by law.

View the detail

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    There is a huge selection of products to choose from with a wide range of power consumption. Our LED parking lot lights are available in a variety of styles which are perfect for everything from small to large projects offering different lighting outputs to meet your requirements.

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