LED High Bay Lights Buying Guide

How to Choose Suitable LED High Bay Lights?

Whatever the requirements are for your lighting, our qualified design led high bay lights will get you on the right path.

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When looking for the right luminaires for your location, our selection of affordable LED high bays is the better solution. Designed for indoor or outdoor use in a variety of commercial and professional settings, such as factories, warehouses, shops, malls, gyms, and more, these LED fixtures offer reliable performance in all sorts of locations, so you don’t have to worry about constantly replacing fixtures.

Benefits of LED High Bay Lights

We take great pride in our good selection of LED high bay and stand by all our products.  Not only are these LED high bay lighting fixtures listed as either DLC or ETL for very wet regions, but they will withstand all elements for a very long period of time. 

DLC Premium-Quick Payback

These led luminaires are listed as either DLC or ETL to accelerate the payback.

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5-10 Years Warranty

Lightide stands by the products we sell and back them with an excellent 5-10 years warranty. Less cost for future maintenance.

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Emergency Solution

Help people stay away from the building in time under power outages,  blackouts, fires, lightning strikes, etc.

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    Types of LED High Bay Lights

    Our best LED high bays are available in a variety of styles which are perfect for everything from small to large projects offering different lighting outputs to meet your requirements.

    UFO Style

    The UFO Style high bays are the latest in LED technology. Designed with die-casting aluminum case and a durable acrylic reflector. Our UFO high bays have high efficiency and output lumens, quality LED driver, and optimized cover for better light angle & luminescence. These UFO High Bays are energy solutions for warehouses, workshops, and other industrial and commercial applications. 

    UFO LED High Bay Lamps 100-240 Watts

    Smaller Size - G2

    UFO LED High Bay Light | G4 Industrial Lighting 190 LPW

    High Efficacy 190 LPW - G4

    UFO LED High Bay Light Zigbee & Bluetooth (UBA Series)

    Zigbee & Bluetooth (UBA Series)

    NFS-IP69K certified led Food Processing Light

    IP69K & NSF Certified

    CCT & Power Selectable LED Parking Lot Lights

    Power & CCT Selectable -G2

    Best LED Garage Lights 4′ CCT & Power Selectable Vapor Tight

    Power & CCT Selectable

    Vapor Proof Light Fixture | Linear High Bay LED 20W~100W

    Vapor Tight Rated

    Linkable LED Shop Lights | Garage Lights 20W-80W

    Linkable Style

    Linear Style

    When you need industrial and commercial lighting in rough, damp, dusty, and tough conditions, you want to install vapor-tight lights. These durable vapor-tight LED fixtures with shock-proof materials will fill any space with light while cutting your power bill down. 

    Lightide linear style LED high bays are vapor tight rated and capable of CCT and wattage selectable with a simple slide switch. These field-adjustable fixtures allow for a cost-effective method to reduce stocking inventory by 88% (1 SKU instead of 9). Therefore, this is an ideal choice for commercial, industrial, retail, or residential applications.

    Emergency Backup

    Emergency Lights are used to provide backup lighting when power disruption. They enhance the safety and security of a building by illuminating rooms and malls in the case of an emergency.

    There are several types of emergency light fixtures for different battery assemblies. There are factory assembly and field installation options based on your current projects. The new installation will consider factory assembly to save more labor costs. 

    Factory-Assembly Industrial UFO LED High Bay Battery Backup

    Factory-Assembly & Smaller Size

    UL924 Linear LED High Bays Emergency Battery Backup

    Integrated Battery

    Factory-Assembly UL924 High Bay Lights UFO LED Emergency Backup

    Factory Assembly

    Field-Assembly Battery Operated LED Lights | Remote High Bay Lighting

    Field Assembly

    Feature of High Bays

    When you shop for outdoor garage lighting, there are certain features you’ll want to check to ensure you’re getting the best value.

    Lightide high efficacy 150 LPW of Vapor tight linear led high bay lights

    High Efficacy

    LM80 approved led chip output 150-170-190 lumens per watt for options.  Replacing up to 1000 watts metal halide easily to save energy costs by 85%.

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    Lightide Zigbee & Bluetooth ufo led high bay light fixture for industrial lighting

    Quality Assure

    Constructed of industrial-grade heavy-duty rugged die-casting aluminum housing with excellent heat-dissipation, LM80 SMD-LEDs and energy-efficient LED driver.

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    Lightide 6in1 power & CCT change linear led garage lights

    Power & CCT Selectable

    You may select the power and CCT on-site freely with slide switches.  The field-selectable choice allows reducing stocking inventory by 88%. 

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      When you are in the market for high bay lighting, you will discover so many options to choose from.  Unfortunately, if you don’t know exactly what you need, it can become a little overwhelming to choose the right high bay lighting fixtures.  Here we are set up to help you filter your searches to your specific choices quickly and easily.  You can find the spec and the level of strength fit for your lighting output.