Outdoor Area & Site Light

Outdoor LED area light is commonly perfect for parking lots, parks, malls, walkways, campus, industrial grounds, streets, and roadways. Furthermore, the most popular styles of led fixtures are pole top led lights, mast-arm, and wall-mounted, as these led luminaires dusk to dawn are designed to bring uniform lighting to large outdoor lighting applications.

Firstly, LED area & site lights can provide up to 80% energy savings comparing to traditional metal halide or HPS fixtures. For example, 250W-300W LED shoebox lights can replace up to 1000 watt metal halide shoebox fixtures.  Certainly, use 100W-150 watts LED parking lot lights to replace 400 watts street lights. In the same vein, Compared to metal halide fixtures, LED area lights can keep more than 50,000 hours of lifetime. Therefore, they are suitable for outdoor lighting in parking lots, walkways, and school campuses. 

Secondly, LED area lights can be extremely versatile with a wide choice of mounting brackets. This to say, from square or round pole mount, slip fitter, extension arm, and wall mount brackets to fit all the applications. On the other hand, LED post top lights are typically mounted on a round pole directly. 

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