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Outdoor LED area & site light is commonly perfect for parking lots, parks, malls, walkways, campus, industrial grounds, streets, and roadways. Furthermore, these led fixtures with dusk to dawn are designed to bring uniform lighting to large outdoor lighting applications.

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Lightide offers DLC qualified led area lights which aid in visibility where you need. In addition, these fixtures provide a more energy-efficient solution in terms of wattage consumed which can save your business or city costs on utilities.

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Post Top led lights look beautiful when used for our park project. I value its IP65 waterproof and aluminum body. Certainly better resist high temperatures and corrosion!

MaryMary , USA, Post Top LED Lights

LED Area & Site Lighting

How To Choose LED Area Lighting Fixtures? 

We have many different options to help you find exactly what you need. Find your exact specifications within our great collection of LED Area lighting solutions.

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1. Choose LED Fixtures Style Options:

There are many different style options to help you find exactly what you need. Find your exact specifications based on our recommendation of LED area lighting.

Parking Lot Lighting

LED Parking Lot Lights,  Flood Lights

Street Lighting

LED Post Top Lights,  Barn Lights,  Street Lights

Stadium / Square Lighting

LED Flood Lights


2. Choose LED Wattage:

The first thing you must pay attention to is the LED wattage. In general, LED area lights provide 140 lumens per watt. If you want the light to cover 15 to 20 feet, it is best to choose 16000 to 20000 lumens. On the other hand, if you want to cover 20 to 30 feet, 40,000 lumens output is an ideal choice. 

40~60 watts


up to 6,400 lm

75~100 watts


up to 14,000 lm

150~160 watts


up to 21,000 lm

200~250 watts


up to 33,000 lm

300 watts


up to 47,000 lm

3. Choose CCT Options:

Once you get how many fixtures and what wattage you need, you need to consider LED color temperature options. 


Warm White

 Dynamic and even lighting. Create a neutral light for a friendly and relaxed environment!


Cool White

Radiant, clean and stimulating lighting. Design a space perfect for reading with a modern look!



Pleasant and luminous lighting. It imitates sunlight to create a stimulating and clean environment!

4. Choose Your Options:

Choose from many different customizable options, including various voltages, beam angle, and sensors.


Standard Voltage


Compatible with Lutron 1-10vdc dimmer and other dimmers. 

Switch on the fixture when motion is detected.

Switching on dusk and off at dawn automatically saves more costs.


5. Choose Other Options:

The following are some of the general adapters of mounting options for area lighting.

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Rotatable Module Design

Outdoor LED fixtures feature a new & rotatable module design. This way they can adjust the casting light easily after installation.  Now our customers have installed them for large outdoor area lighting areas, such as squares, stadiums, parking lot and etc.

Lightide Rotatable LED Stadium Flood Lights 150-1200w
light distribution pattern of parking lot light

NEMA Distributions

The prerequisite of the best outdoor area & site lighting needs to consider the distribution types and patterns imposed by the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IESNA).

 These LED area lighting fixtures have identified several types of light distribution patterns: Type II, III, IV, or Type V for your options.

How to Choose Suitable Light Distribution?

Power & CCT Selectable

These LED area lights can be allowed 3 different wattage and CCT settings with two simple slide switches. This flexible choice capability allows for a cost-effective method to reduce stocking inventory by 88% (1 SKU instead of 9).

Lightide DLC Post top led street lights
Lightide DLC QPL outdoor led shoebox parking lot pole area lights

Dusk To Dawn

You may select a photocell for dusk to dawn for your project. They can work at sunrise and off at sunset. On the other hand, this option to have an automatic off and on can also help to reduce the maintenance cost and improve the lifetime of the fixture. 

Pole Mounting Kit

Depending on the type of poles, you may need to have the right mounting adapters. We have got you covered here! You also can purchase Spoke Adapters or Bullhorns from us – square or round. 


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