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LED Shoebox Light Fixture| Parking Lot Lights

G2 Series | 135 LPW | DLC 

LED shoebox light fixture features incredible efficiency, reliability, and controllability design. In extreme contrast to conventional metal-halides, this led parking lot shoebox lights can bring in 80% of energy savings.

  • Excellent Performance –135 lumens per watt.
  • Energy Efficiency – Replacing up to 1000W MH by 300W LED shoebox area light.
  • Power Option – 60-100-150-200-250-300W
  • Built-in 10KV surge protection
  • 10-year Warranty 
  • Listings: DLC Premium, ETL/cETL, IP66 rated, CE/RoHS.
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Features & Benefits

Featuring LMC’s innovative LED optics, SBAL series led shoebox light fixture is designed to deliver energy-efficient, uniform lighting in most parking lot structures with typical light pole spacing and mounting heights. LED Shoebox Area Light is integrated with a high-performance LED chip with up to 150 lm/w.  So it can be equivalent to up to 1000w metal halide fixture by 250W LED parking lot lights.

Mount Adapter Option

Four kinds of mount adapters are the standard accessory for pole mount or surface mount, such as slip fitter for 60mm pole, extension arm for rectangle /round pole, trunnion bracket for surface mount. Also, another yoke bracket is available for surface mounting for area floodlighting.

Accessories-of-DLC led-parking-lot-light-_shoebox

4  Light Distributions Available: Type II, III, Type IV, and Type V

The patterns define how light is dispersed from a fixture and is defined by the point at which 50% of the fixture’s luminous intensity is met. You will see these distributions used regularly in outdoor area lighting, floodlighting & roadway lighting, parking lot lighting, etc. The industry has identified 4 main types of light distribution patterns: Type II, Type III, Type IV, or Type V light distribution. Click HERE for more.


10KV surge protection

Long lifespan L70-54,000 hrs and 10KV surge protection can keep the reliable quality and low-cost maintenance.

Another slim style led shoebox light fixture is available HERE.  

LED Shoebox Light Order Information

 Sample:  LT-SBAL150-HV-50K-SF-PC-T5

LT- SBAL -150 -HV -50K -SF -PC -T5
              Distributor: T2=Type II, T3=Type III, T4=Type IV, T5=Type V
Accessory: MS=Motion Sensor, PC=Photocell
Adapter: SF=Slipfitter, AE= Rotatable Arm, EA=Extension Arm, TR=Trunnion  
CCT: 30K=3000K, 40K=4000K, 50K=5000K, 57K=5700K
Voltage: HV=200-480VAC, Std.=100-277vac
Power: 060=60W, 100=100W, 150=150W, 200=200W, 250=250W, 320=320W 
Desc: LED Shoebox Area Light


LED Shoebox Light Specification 

Model# Rating Lumen Output Equivalent Voltage Size  
LT-SBAL060 57W 7765 lm 175W MH 100-277VAC /200-480VAC 449x265x79mm
LT-SBAL100 100W 13621 lm 250W MH 100-277VAC /200-480VAC 449x265x79mm
LT-SBAL150 152W 20671 lm 400W MH 100-277VAC /200-480VAC 449x265x79mm
LT-SBAL200 200W 27266 lm 600W MH 100-277VAC /200-480VAC 508x285x79mm
LT-SBAL250 250W 34054 lm 1000W MH 100-277VAC /200-480VAC 602x337x79mm
LT-SBAL320 320W 42630 lm 1500W MH 100-277VAC /200-480VAC 602x337x79mm


LED Shoebox Light Standards

Certificate DLC,  ETL/cETL, CE/RoHS
EMC/FCC/IC Standard EN55015, EN61547, EN61000-3-2/3, FCC part 15, ICES-005
Safety Stanard UL1598, CAN/CSA -C.22.2 NO. 250.0, EN61347-1, EN61347-2-13, EN60598-2-1, EN60598-1
NO. Description File Version Date
1 Sales Sheet   Rev. A 2018/05
2 Datasheet
Rev.B 2019/10

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