• Lightide ENEC & CB Cobra head QPL slim LED streetlights 30w-200w

Cobra Head LED Streetlights

ENEC & CB Certified  | Zhaga Photocontrol | IP66 Rated

LED Streetlights feature the cobra head design and are qualified with ENEC and CB. High efficacy of 140 LPW and Zhaga IP66 waterproof photocontrol is used as area lights in a variety of applications including roadways, parking lots, and other vast outdoor areas. A 5- year at least warranty means your team can focus on keeping critical operations running without having to worry about your street lights. Certainly, fasteners are stainless-steel, captive, and toolless.  


  • Excellent Performance – 140 lumens per watt.
  • LED Module Design- Type II and III
  • Zhaga photocontrol
  • Photocell & Motion Sensor available
  • 5-year Warranty –  No-compromise warranty covered.
  • Listings: ENEC, CB, CE, RoHS
  • Waterproof Rated: IP66


enec-cert-dark  CB CERTIFICATE-459x387  etl-ce-rohs-warranty

Features & Benefits

zhaga led street lights

Zhaga Interface Standard

The Zhaga interface standard not only makes LED street lights and sensors/communication modules interchangeable, but also realizes a multi-vendor ecosystem and removes obstacles for street lights to achieve intelligence.


ENEC Certified

ENEC, which stands for European Norms Electrical Certification, is becoming more important for electrical products sold to European consumers because that marking means the product was tested for safety rather than simply being declared safe by the manufacturer.