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Emergency LED Garage Canopy  Light Fixtures Battery Backup



Emergency LED Garage canopy light fixtures can guide people out of the building in time under power outages, blackouts, fires, and lightning strikes, etc. In addition, these led garage ceiling lights usually are surface mounted or conduit mounted overhead ceiling lights ideal for indoor or outdoor lighting.  Therefore, garage lighting fixtures battery backup are commonly used for gas stations, workshops, garages, and warehouses. 

  • UL924 Emergency Backup – 90 minutes of emergency work time.
  • Vandal Proof
  • Excellent Performance – 120 lumens per watt
  • Long Lifetime –50,000 hrs
  • 5-year Warranty – No-compromise warranty covered.
  • ListingsETL/cETL , CE/RoHS.
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Features & Benefits

UL924 Battery Backup

  • Emergency LED garage lights provide a UL924 battery to keep at least 90 min. of work time. 
  •  Built-in intelligent emergency detection function. This is to say, the fixtures can switch to emergency mode automatically and come on when the power is off. 
  • NFPA 101 Compliant

LED Garage Light Fixtures Application

  • IP65 waterproof rated
  • Applies for the gas station, parking garages, canopies,  warehouse, mail, and other installations.

rust_corrosion-proof-LED garage light fixtures for gas station canopy

Occupancy Sensor  

1-10VDC dimmable also is available for industrial emergency lights or warehouse emergency lighting. An occupancy motion sensor can achieve a step-dimming function for emergency lighting and power equipment.

motion sensor

Recessed-mount overhead led garage light fixtures 

Lightide-Recessed LED Gas Station Lights Canopy

Non-emergency led garage lights also is available. 

Order Information | LED Garage Light Fixtures

 Sample:  LT-SGSA-L-60W-50K-MS/EM-STD-2

LT- S GS A -L -60W -HV -50K -MS/EM -STD

  Generation: 1=1st, 2=2nd, 3=3rd
Emergency Time: STD=90 min., 2H(rs), 3H(rs)
Accessory: MS=Motion Sensor, EM=Emergency Backup (*), PC=Photocell, DM=1-10VDC
CCT: 30K=3000K, 40K=4000K, 50K=5000K, 57K=5700K
Voltage: Blanket=100-277vac,  HV=347vac  
Power: 40W, 60W, 80W, 90W . 120W
Profile: H=High, L=Low
Type: A, B, C, D
Desc: LED Gas Station Garage or Canopy Light
Shape: S=Square, R=Round

* External emergency driver

Datasheet  | LED Garage Light Fixtures

Model# Rating Lumen Output Equiv. Input Voltage Size [email protected] Hrs
LT-SGSAL-40W-EM 42W 4700 lm  150W Metal Halide 100-277VAC 243*243*85mm 8W REVIEW
LT-SGSAL-60W-EM 62W 6800 lm 250W Metal Halide 100-277VAC 243*243*85mm 8W REVIEW
LT-SGSAL-90W-EM 92W 10200 lm 400W MH 100-277VAC 315*315*95mm 15W REVIEW
LT-SGSAL-120W-EM 120W 14400 lm 400W-600W MH 100-277VAC 315*315*95mm 20W REVIEW

Compliant Standards | LED Garage Light Fixtures

Certificate  ETL/cETL,  CE, RoHs
EMC/FCC/IC Standard EN55015, EN61547, EN61000-3-2/3, FCC part 15, ICES-005
Safety Stanard UL1598, CAN/CSA -C.22.2 NO. 250.0, EN61347-1, EN61347-2-13, EN60598-2-1, EN60598-1, UL 924
NO. Description Document Version Date
1 Lightide 2nd-Gen Emergency LED Garage & Canopy Light Fixturs Battery Backup Datasheet
B 2020-10
2 Lightide 2nd-Gen LED Garage & Canopy Light  Emergency Backup Sales Sheet