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  • Lightide-ETL-CETL-CE-certified-led-flood-lights-500w
  • Lightide-ETL-CETL-CE-certified-led-arena-stadium-flood-lights-1000w

High Mast LED Arena Stadium Lights W/ Light Shield

LED arena lights are an excellent way to illuminate large indoor or outdoor sport fields. In addition, these led fixtures use less energy than their halogen counterparts, and are capable of greater luminosity, so LED arena stadium lights are an effective and efficient sport lighting solution.

  • Excellent Performance – 150 lumens per watt.
  • Light Sheild
  • Various Distributions – 25/45/60/90 degrees
  • Std. 10KV Surge Protection
  • 7-year Unlimited Warranty 
  • Listings– ETL/cETL, CE, RoHS, IP66 rated
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Features & Benefits

Commercial LED arena stadium lights feature pure aluminum fin heat sink with powder-coating treatment, which assures corrosion resistance and long-lasting aesthetics.  Light efficiency up to 150 lumens per watt can replace 1000 watts metal halide by 300 watts led flood lights.

LED arena lights can eliminate the shadows or glares that can make it unsafe during the match. So, these fixtures can be installed as high as possible to minimize the hard line between darkness and brightness. Moreover, these stadium flood lights ensure appropriateness by standing up to the dirt, debris, dust, and water present in the facility.

Order Information | LED Arena Lights

 Sample:  LT-HPSF-050-HV-50K-90D-W

LT- HP RF -050 -HV -50K -90D -II  
II Generation
Beam Angle: 25D=25, 45D=45o     60D=60o    90D=90o
CCT: 30K=3000K, 40K=4000K, 50K=5000K, 57K=5700K
Voltage: Blanket=100-277vac, HV=200-480VAC