High Bay LED Emergency Light Fixture Battery Backup

Factory-Assembly | UL924  | Duration 90~180 Min.

UFO high bay LED emergency light fixture can provide reliable 90~180 minutes of duration for backup lighting when the power goes out. These high bay emergency lighting fixtures also can deliver a high lumen output of 140 LPW for high bay lighting applications, such as commercial, industrial, retail, plant, etc. 

  • UL 924, CEC Title 20, DoE Compliance
  • Emergency Light Battery : 90~180 minutes in duration
  • Factory -Assembly 
  • Excellent Performance : 150 lumens per watt.
  • Integrated with J-Box: Easy to install.
  • 5-year Warranty
  • Listings -ETL/cETL, CE & RoHS


etl-ce-rohs-warranty NFPA 101 Compliant CEC-TITLE-20

Feature & Benefit

When looking for the right backup lighting for your location, our selection of affordable LED high bay lights battery back is the perfect solution.

Factory Assembly

No need for additional labor costs for assembly and avoid assembly failure in the field.

Intelligent Battery

Switch to emergency mode automatically when power is off to keep safe in time.

Efficacy 140+ LPW

Replace 400 watts MH with 100 watts LED to save 80% electricity cost.

5-Year Warranty

Complete fixtures are backed by a 5-year warranty for added peace of mind.


Meet with Std. UL1598, CAN/CSA -C.22.2 NO. 250.0, EN61347, EN60598, NFPA 101.

OCC. Sensor

Turn on the high bay light when motion is detected to save more energy cost.

It’s not about services,
It’s about ‘SOLUTION’!

Our high bay  LED emergency lights are available in your choice of colors to accommodate your space with ease and affordability.

Lightide UL924 Emergency white led high bay Light battery backup

Factory Assembly

No need for on-site (or field) assembly. This way you may avoid assembly failure in the field and reduce additional labor costs. In addition, these waterproof IP65 rated indoor led high bay light fixtures perfect for

  • retail stores, wholesale warehouses, grocery chains, malls,
  • showrooms, Parking garage, plants.


  • UL 924, CEC (CA Title 20) & US DOE Energy Efficiency Complient 
  • Self-test/self-diagnostics function
  • Over-voltage/short-circuit, Ove-load, Open-circuit Protection



Test Push Button

  • Std. push-button for checking if it can work under emergency mode. 
  • Integrated with indicator lamp
  • Conduct a 30-second discharge test by depressing the test button monthly.
  • Conduct a full 90-minute discharge test annually.

NPFA 101

Each battery backup high bay light fixture provides at least 90 min. of illumination, with an average of 1-footcandle and a minimum of 0.1-footcandle when installed according to guidelines.