Vapor tight led light fixtures can replace incandescently and CFL fixtures with premium led chips and long-lasting illumination. They usually apply for parking garage, warehouses, construction sites, fire hydrants, and emergency stations. And they protect the lighting source from hazards such as corrosive fumes, non-combustible dust, moisture, non-explosive vapors, and gases as well.

Lightide’s vapor tight led light pass UL & DLC QPL. All consist of aluminum housing and plastic cover with a waterproof structure.

Vapor tight light fixtures are lightweight to help make installation easier. Meanwhile, there are surface-mount and suspend for installation options. Likewise, some LED vapor tight fixture comes with a motion sensor, allowing the light to come on only when movement is detected. These sensors turn the light back off after a set amount of time without activity. On the other hand,  A few vapor-proof led fixtures are available with an emergency battery backup. And they can provide light for 90-180 minutes in the event of a power failure.