Lightide released LED High Bay With Battery Backup for Emergency Lighting


UL 924 is UL’s Standard for Safety of Emergency Lighting and Power Equipment. UL tests and certifies exit signs, emergency lights, and combo emergency exit signs to meet functionality, reliability, and visibility standards. Lightide recently released led high bay with battery backup. 

With this LED upgrade, you will benefit from……

  • High Performance – 135 lumen per watt
  • Emergency Backup – 1.5~3 hrs emergencywork time.
  • Power Option – 100W, 150W, 200W, 240W
  • Long Lifetime – L70>60,000 hrs.  At 8 hours daily use, Lightide’ high bay led lights battery backup are rated to last 17 years.
  • 5-year Warranty  
  • Listings -ETL/cETL, CE/RoHs.
Battery Backup UFO LED High Bay Emergency Light

Meeting The 90-Minute Min.

Any emergency lights must be able to remain lit for at least 90-minutes during a power outage. Different states, provinces, counties and cities will have their own emergency guidelines. UL 924 sets the 90-minute benchmark as an all-encompassing requirement.

Lightide’s led high bay with battery backup offers 90 minutes  to 180 minutes work time under emergency mode. This way, no matter where you live or how big your building is, Lightide’s led high bay emergency lighting can provide a pretty safe allowance for adequate evacuation times. 


Energy Efficient LED High Bay Battery Backup

Energy savings is a primary driver behind why you should evaluate LED lighting for your building or facility. Common wattages for LED high bay fixtures can range from 100 watts to 240 watts. If we compare these wattages to a typical HID or metal halide high bay fixture, which the same range is 250 watts to 1000 watts.

1.  How to choose LED high bay with battery backup?

Compared with non-LED fixtures such as a metal halide high bay, LED high bay consume less energy. This helps reduce energy costs while still maintaining illumination when an industrial space is not being used. Below list shows the equivalent between led high bay and metal halids lamp.

NO. Emergency led Highbay Equivalent Metal Halide LED Saving Max.

MH lamp for wall packs

1 100 watts   400 watts -300 watts
2 150 watts   600 watts -450 watts
3 200 watts   750 watts -550 watts
4 240 watts   1000 watts -760 watts


2. Energy Saving Comparison between 100W LED high bay and 400W MH lamp

NO. Item LED Metal Halide LED Saving

SMD led 3030 for led WALL PACK

MH lamp for wall packs

1 Dissipation Power 100 watts 400 watts -300 watts
2 Amp Draw @ 120V AC 0.83 amps 3.28 amps

(excludes ballast factor)

-2.94 amps
3 Lamp Life Expectancy 56, 000 hrs 20,000 hrs +30,000 hrs
4 Operation cost per year – each
(12hs/day @ 12c/kWh)
$52.56/yr $210.24/yr $157.68/yr
5 Operation cost per year -100 fixtures
(12hs/day @ 12c/kWh)
$5256/yr $ 21024/yr $15768 /yr

Note: 1. Up to 85% in energy savings alone, before cost of maintenance for metal halide fixtures.
            2. Up to 76% annual savings possible by switching to LED.

3. Installation Height for LED High Bay Lights

ceiling height calculating for LED high bay lighting fixture

Cutting-edge Optics Design

Designed with cutting-edge optics and a durable acrylic reflector. Lightide’s emergency high bay lights have increased efficiency and output lumens with

  • Non-UV.  
  • Light transmittance above 94%.
  • 60º, 90º and 110º beam angle are options. 


PMMA-reflector-of-white-led-high-bay-shop light

5-Year Warranty

A five-year warranty is standard and all units come complete with mounting instructions and hardware. If you want more information, a quote, or formal invoice, please Email sales staff today.  

5 year warranty with led wall pack lights


The emergency high bay lights facilities benefit from long lasting, low maintenance lighting. Here are some common markets and applications as below.

  • Warehouse 
  • Industrial facilities
  • Shop lighting
  • Sports facilities and gyms
  • Retail centers
  • Manufacturing floors
LIGHTIDE LED high bay light

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