Parking Garage Lighting Case With 8′ LED Vapor Tight Lights  

The parking Garage Lighting Case used 8′ LED Vapor Tight Lights. They feature preventing moisture and dirt from compromising the housing and damaging interior wires and components. 

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These led parking garage lighting fixtures are manufactured of impact-resistant plastic resins that are designed to keep moisture, dirt, and dust out. It emits vibrant 12300 Lumens of a premium LED chip using 80-Watts of electricity. It is lightweight, easy to install, and maintenance-free with no bulbs to replace. Ideal applications: parking garage, car wash, pool deck, refrigerated storage (restaurant), and indoor vegetable and plant gardens.

Overview | Parking Grage Lighting 

The owner of Time Square wanted to improve the exit of underground parking garage lighting in its facility,  in order to increase the lighting effect and reduce its energy consumption.

LED Solution | Parking Grage Lighting 

LMC recommended switching all the old fixtures with 4ft 16-4x40W fluorescent lamps to 8ft 8-80W linear vapor-tight led garage lights with strip clear cover. The light output is about 12300 lumens.

Benefits  | LED Parking Grage Lighting 

The old fluorescent lamps provide inefficient lighting and were draining the energy budget. The new 8ft linear vapor-proof led light can be positioned to light the right underground high bay lighting.  With a long life – up to 54,000 hours and 80% of the energy saving. The customer won’t have to worry about replacement for over 10 years!

With this updated, led lights can benefits

  • Excellent Performance – Outputs 12300 lumens per fixture
  • Energy Efficiency – In extreme contrast to conventional metal halides, high bay light led garage lights can bring in 80% of energy savings.
  • Long Lifetime – At 8 hours daily use, Lightide’s vapor tight led high bay lights are rated to last 17 years.
  • 5-year Warranty –  No-compromise warranty covered.
  • Listings: DLC Premium, ETL/cETL, CE/ROHS
  • Emergency battery backup is available.
  • Power & CCT Selectable available >>


What customers say

All these done have considerably improved the lighting. Just like what the owner Robert said “Nice fixture and well done!  I love them!”

Lightideled DLC Linear High Bay LED Garage Light

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