LMC linear RGB LED Floodlights provide energy-saving lighting to improve the function and safety of your space. Whether you are lighting a parking lot, driveway, building, or any other outdoor flood lighting application, you can trust the longevity and efficiency of LMC’ LED Outdoor Flood Lights Luminaires.


The owner of La Tequilera restaurant wanted to light the profile of the building lighting in its facility,  in order to increase the lighting effect and reduce its energy consumption.

LED Solution

LMC recommended using linear CREE LED RGB wall washer floodlights with a 60-degree beam angle. The LED power is rated 36 watts and 1 meter long. The light fixture can output about 3600 lumens for white led.


1. Long-lasting Saving Your Maintenance Cost

Like our ordinary flood lights, CREE RGB floodlight has 60,000 hours life span, and thus we can enjoy up to 20-year service life if you turn them on for 8 hours per day. We have no need to repair and replace them so frequently, and hence saving your cost and time.

2. Flexible & User-friendly Control on Color-changing Function

As illustrated in the above video, all the RGB led wall washer flood lights can have the same color or different colors at the same time. There are over 50 default lighting modes that fit different applications, says color cycle for the temple, strobing for the stage, and stable lights for the tower.

3. Waterproof & Dustproof for Durability

Our RGB floodlights have IP66 waterproof rating, which is able to resist the adverse weather condition.

4. Energy-saving

LED is an energy-efficient lighting option – a 36W or 72W RGB flood lights will give the extraordinary bright color washing lighting effect for small to medium scale use.

What customers say

All these done have considerably improved the lighting. Just like what the owner Henry said “Well constructed and easy install. I’d recommend the luminaire for exterior use..”

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