Outdoor Garage Light Fixtures LED For Office Lighting

Outdoor Garage Light Fixtures LED are installed for office lighting. These energy-efficient fixtures feature unique color temperature-changing and power selective technology to refresh your office with a clean look. This is to say, each LED fixture is equipped with color temperature settings, which range from 3000K, 4000K, and 5000K, and power setting 27w, 40w, and 50w.  So simply use the slide switch directly on the fixture,  you can select the desired color temperature and power, and then install.  On the other hand, you can choose suitable power to save more electric costs.


The office building owner wanted to install new 430 pieces of linear LED lights, which are mounted on the ceiling of the corridor or passageway. In addition, he also wants to install different LED light colors for different areas, to improve the lighting experience. Meanwhile, the owner also wants to use different power fixtures for different positions to save electric costs. 

LED Solution

Under the customer’s requirement, Lightide recommended 4′ Power & CCT Selectable LED Garage Light. Just like the previous description, these led garage lights are capable of changing to 3 different CCT settings (3000K, 4000K, 5000K) and 3 different wattage settings (27w, 40w,  50w) with a simple slide switch. This field-adjustable choice capability allows for a cost-effective method to promote the lighting experience.  In the same vein, this fixture just is ideal for current commercial office lighting applications.

Power & CCT Selectable Outdoor LED Garage Light Fixtures 

After all the led garage lights are installed on the ceiling, all the fixtures provide changing lighting color as per customers’ request. In addition, these led garage lights feature below  

What Customer Say

Finally, all these done have considerably got all the lighting and get safety lighting requirement, e.g. CCT color changing, power selectable. Just like what the owner Terry said “It is what I wanted”.

Outdoor Garage Light Fixtures LED For Office Lighting

  • Lightide-power-&-CCT-selective-linear-high-bay-gargae-light-vapor-tight-fixtures-1
  • Lightide-power-&-CCT-selective-linear-high-bay-gargae-light-vapor-tight-fixtures-2
  • Lightide-4ft--power-&-CCT-Selected-led-garage-lights-vapor-tight-high-bay-shop-lights

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