Rotatable Style LED Wall Pack Light Fixture 60W for Outdoor Lighting Project

Lightide outdoor led wall pack light fixtures are lights that are commonly mounted on the outside walls of buildings and the interiors of parking garages. This rotatable style of exterior led lighting is generally used to provide security lighting to areas frequented by pedestrians and vehicles.


The hotel owner wanted to improve security light on the wall of building. Meanwhile, he also wants to add some additional floodlight on the wall,  in order to increase the area lighting effect and hope to reduce its energy consumption.

LED Solution

Based on the customer’s requirement, Lightide recommended installing 60W outdoor LED wall pack lights with rotatable style around of building. This kind of exterior wall packs are designed with rotatable head to adjust the lighting direction as per actual installation. In addition, these outdoor flood light fixtures also can be installed with a photocell for security lighting to save more energy costs.

Outdoor LED Wall Light Fixtures Benefit

Before installing exterior led wall light fixtures, the building wall does not provide inefficient lighting. But now these wallpack lights are positioned on the profile to light the wall. Moreover, with long life – up to 54,000 hours, the customer won’t have to worry about replacement for over 10 years!

In addition, with this update, led wall pack lights also can benefits

daylight-sensor of led fixture


5-years-warranty-for-Lightide-LED-canopy-led fixture_

Dusk To Dawn

Excellent Performance   140 LPW

5-Year Warranty 

  • Excellent Performance – 124 lumens per watt of led wall pack.  100-120W LED wall pack 400W equivalent.  
  • Rotatable Style – 0~90 degree of direction adjusted.
  • Power Option – 25W- 35W- 60W- 80W- 100W- 120W
  • Long Lifespan– At 8 hours daily use, Lightide’ wall pack lights are rated to last 17 years.
  • 5-Year Warranty –  No-compromise warranty covered.
  • Listings– ETL/cETL, CE/RoHS
  • LED Wall Pack Lights with Photocell available

What customers say

Finally, all these done have considerably improved the lighting. Just like what the owner Jackie said “Well, good fixtures!”

Outdoor LED Wall Light Projects

  • Lightide-OUTDOOR ETL_CETL-rotatable-led-wall-pack-light-fixtures-1
  • Lightide-GEN-2-rotatable-LED-wall-pack-light-fixtures-ETL_CETL-Listed
  • Lightide outdoor rotatable wall pack and led security lights

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