LED Bay Lights UFO 200W-240W For Industrial Lighting

LED high bay lights 200W-240W feature a high-duty die-casting and waterproof IP65 rating housing. And they are one-for-one replacements for traditional MH and HID high bay fixtures. 

  • ufo-led-high-bay lights_LED Warehouse Lighting

Construction | LED High/Low Bay Lights

  • UFO LED Lights 200W/240W
  • High-duty die-casting aluminum alloy case
  • Color uniformity and even light distribution
  • Occupancy sensor available
  • Mount to surfaces or ceilings mounted
  • Universal voltage operation
  • IP65-rated waterproof highbay
  • Up to 190 lumens per watt
  • Replace 1000 watts metal halide lamp.

Certificate | LED High/Low Bay Lights

  • ETL/cETL listed, CE & RoHS 
  • 10 years warranty

In sum, LED high bay light fixtures are an excellent replacement for the traditional 100 watts metal halide lamps. Moreover, the brightest highbay led lights offer energy efficiency, excellent light output, and a long lifetime. This way they are suitable for lighting a wide range of commercial or industrial environments. For example, warehouses, plants, tunnels, parking garages, and malls.

Of course, LED highbay/lowbay lights are also ideal for large-scale and heavy-duty applications. For instance, factories, warehouses, industrial workroom, production rooms, and storages.

    Model# LT-UBA400-200W LT-UBA400-240W
    Input Voltage  100-277 VAC 100-277VAC
    Input Power 200 watts 240 watts
    Power Factor >0.9 >0.9
    Delivered Lumens (lm) 37023 43760
    Efficacy (lm/W) 187 184
    Color Rendering Index (CRI) 80 80
    Color Temperature (CCT) 3000K, 4000K, 5000K, 5700K
    Beam Angle 60o/90o/120o
    Equivalent Wattage 600-1000 Watts MH 1500 Watts MH
    Dimming Control Available Available
    Product Length (Inches) 14.96 14.96
    Product Width (Inches) 14.96 14.96
    Product Height (Inches) 6.93 6.93
    Gross Weight (lbs.) 11.11 11.11
    Housing High-duty aluminum alloy
    Diffuser Polycarbonate 60/90/120o
    Finish Black (white option)
    Waterproof IP65
    L70 Life (Hours)  50000
    Warranty (Years)  10
    American Std. DLC QPL, ETL/cETL
    European Std.  CE, RoHS, CB, SAA
    Available Accessories
    Motion Sensor Available
    Daylight Sensor Available