Commercial LED Emergency Lights

Commercial LED emergency lights can provide backup lighting in the case of power failure. Firstly, LED emergency lights are built with a dependable & rechargeable battery. Above all, the battery is UL924 & CEC Title 20 compliant. Meanwhile, these emergency lights can provide lighting from 90 to 180 minutes. Secondly, these led power failure lights are designed for commercial & industrial lighting applications. On the other hand, there are several kinds of emergency lights for options. For example, led high bay emergency, vapor-tight light battery backup, emergency wall pack, and canopy lights emergency backup, etc.

Firstly, these battery-operated led lights provide backup lighting after power is lost. Meanwhile, they offer excellent output efficiency for general illumination. In addition, these commercial emergency lights can work at a wide voltage range from 100 to 277v AC. Of course, 347vac or 480vac also is available now. 

Secondly, commercial emergency lights are made with their rugged construction. For instance, tempered polycarbonate lenses and die-casting housings. This way they can work to last for a long time in a harsh environment.  Certainly, they also can use for indoor or outdoor applications.

Finally, there are different mounting modes for choices. For example, wall-mounted recessed mounted,  and ceiling mounted. Most importantly, these universal mounting modes allow for effortless installation. In sum, commercial emergency lights prefer parking lots, schools, offices, stores, gymnasiums, plants, and sports stadiums.  



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